I have put My Spirit upon Him


What would it take to succeed in life and ministry?
Despite all God’s provision Israel turned out miserably.
The Servant of the Lord will have little in terms physical provision,
He will only have promise of the Spirit of God in every situation.

Is it enough to just have the Spirit of God for life and ministry?
Would He not need other blessings to succeed in reality?
God’s word was clear when He said, “I have put My Spirit upon Him,”
The Spirit of God would be sufficient provision for everything!

When the Spirit comes upon a person He will be changed,
There will be wisdom and strength and power- the full range!
But that power will not be obvious to those who look from without,
Only those who probe deeper know what being Spirit-filled is all about.

The Spirit of God will produce in Him a special sense of tenderness,
He will never raise His voice in anger, instead there will be gentleness.
He will always be kindly disposed even to those who are weak,
The poor, the ill, the outcast find that He is truly loving and meek.

Inspiration: Isaiah 42:3