Behold, My Servant

The hope of salvation lay in the promise of a Redeemer,
He would come as the Seed of David, He would be Saviour.
When He comes into the world surely He would be full of glory,
With joy the heart looks forward to fulfilment of prophecy.

Behold, My Servant! An astonishing thought is revealed,
The glory of the Messiah will be carefully concealed.
Who will recognise Him then if He comes to bring salvation?
Only those who are lowly of heart will fathom this condescension.

Imagine a King laying aside His glory, walking humbly to proclaim,
“The Kingdom of God is near; Repent and believe,” He would exclaim.
The proud scribes despised and rejected the cry of the Servant-King,
The poor and the sick flocked to Him, their hearts to Him they bring.

The model that God had chosen for the Messiah was astonishing,
It never crossed the mind that He would come as a Servant-King.
God wants people to turn to Jesus because they loved His heart,
Their souls must be stirred, their faith must not easily fall apart.

Inspiration: Isaiah 42:1