I will hold Your hand


The Call of God to be His servant comes with precious promises,
This Divine Call was tenderly given in glorious righteousness.
A loving word was also tenderly uttered, “I will hold Your hand,”
This word alone should bring special comfort and joy without end.

The work outlined for the Messiah was difficult and much was at stake,
He would provide a new covenant to the people for love’s sake.
It would cost Him dearly to fulfil all that God had intended,
But the promise, “I will hold Your hand,” is all that is needed.

With these words is the promised Presence of the Lord,
His Presence is enough to meet all the contrary odds.
This special promise must be hidden deep within the soul,
With a profound sense of loving trust, the heart is ever bold.

“I will hold Your hand” was a promise that was never fully understood,
Thus when difficulties came, many, their faith in God, forsook.
The challenge is not to look for divine intervention and deliverance,
It is to believe that God holds our hand in all of life’s circumstance.

Inspiration: Isaiah 42: 3