Knowledge of the will of God brings forth inspiration,
The heart is stirred, the spirit is full of determination.
Fulfilment of God’s will becomes a driving force in life,
Great strength is found for success in conflict and strife.

The thought of fulfilment perhaps began in a quiet way,
Growth in stature, in spirit, in wisdom was sought each day.
Jesus grew in favour with men and with the Lord,
He was presented to the world as The Lamb of God!

He brought sight to the blind, and touched the lepers unclean,
He reached out to the troubled and brought deep peace within.
No one who sought Jesus would ever be turned away,
The worst of sinners could come to Him without dismay.

The crowd listened quietly, His voice was so appealing,
“Today, this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing!”
A hush came over everyone at these awesome words of power,
Hearts were touched, tears flowed… this was salvation’s hour.

Inspiration: Luke 4:21