A Man of Sorrows


The most profound plan for the Messiah-Servant involved His suffering,
He would be despised and rejected and be subject to cruel blood-letting.
He would be esteemed stricken by God and greatly abhorred,
No greater cruelty had ever been plotted – and against the Son of God!

He was acquainted with the sorrows that seem to attend life,
Illnesses, poverty, injustice- He felt with all their painful strife.
Against the most painful of all blows, He would continue to stand tall,
Even though He was hated by some, ridiculed by many, and rejected by all.

How He could bear such sorrow is beyond easy comprehension,
But He trusted that this was God’s perfect plan for man’s redemption.
He would be severely bruised for all the iniquities of sinful man,
But He was willing to take all sins upon Himself according to God’s plan.

What strength He must have to bear so much sorrow and pain,
That the Servant of the Lord would need deep trust is all too plain.
What was in His heart and mind that He could accept cruel crucifixion?
He was prepared to sacrifice His all if that would result in true salvation.

Inspiration: Isaiah 53: 3