But made Himself of no Reputation


It is innate in man’s nature to build a reputation,
The heart seems to bask in the world’s adulation.
The spirit of man desires to be acclaimed by one and all,
He longs to be admired, his name engraved in fame’s hall.

There came a Man who could perform miracles, hour after hour,
It seems that there was nothing He could not do, such was His power.
But to all He healed He would instruct them not to spread His fame,
But they could not keep quiet, for to them, wonderful was His name!

Jesus carefully shunned the making of Himself a fabulous name,
He desired only to fulfil His Father’s will, for failure would be a shame.
He had chosen to be a faithful and humble servant of the Lord,
All He desired was to bring glory and honour to His Father God.

He tenderly spoke to the poor and humble though He was a King,
He showed concern for the weak and troubled, He cared about everything.
Such was His understanding about what it means to be a Servant of God,
He has set a glorious example of what it truly means to serve the Lord.

Inspiration: Philippians 2:7