I Have Set My Face like a Flint


The Lord God had to personally prepare His Servant for ministry,
The plan was to train Him to rise up each morning very early.
It would be a discipline that would stand Him in good state all His life,
For the ministry would be difficult and He must expect great strife.

He would have to train His ears so that He could discern God’s voice,
He must distinguish His Father’s word above all the din and noise.
His heart must not be rebellious at the training though it may be tough,
He must grow so strong that He would never complain that life is too rough.

There must be confident faith that God would be there with Him,
For there would be those who will mock with evil eyes that gleam.
With the rigorous training, His face became like flint, He had become strong,
The love of God that sustains would, in the night season, give Him a song.

Fierce opposition was expected, great would be the conflict and strife,
The enemies would stop at nothing, they desired to take His life.
But the strong Servant of the Lord need not succumb to these fears,
His Father’s loving Presence would bring Him comfort and cheer.

Inspiration: Isaiah 50:7