Daily Devotions


Day 153

"Evil is present with me..."

Text: Romans 7:21


Evil can take many forms. It wears many masks. It is always deadly. The following are expressions of evil that we are familiar with:-

1. The evil deeds of Satan

a) It was he who caused Adam and Eve to sin against God.
b) It was he who perpetuates even in the world.

2. The evil deeds of man

a) Wars are terrible reminders of how evil man can be.
b) Rampant crime is another expression.
c) Man’s inhumanity is well evidence (genocide etc).


Sometimes we think that we are “pretty good”. Paul reveals a startling reality in this text.

“I find then a law, that evil is present with me,
the one who wills to do good.”
Romans 7:21

1. Evil is present and close by

a) Evil is far nearer than we dare to admit.
b) Evil is more dangerous than we have ever imagined.

2. A law

a) Evil is called “a law” in this text.
b) The meaning is both ominous and clear:-
i) Evil is like the sin-principle.
ii) It is not easily eradicated.
c) The law of evil together with sin will affect the noblest intention of the believer who desires to do good!