Daily Devotions


Day 88

"Fully convinced..."

Text: Romans 4:21


Paul gave a final touch in his description of Abraham’s faith with these words.

“And being fully convinced that what He had promised
He was also able to perform.”
Romans 4:21

Three things may be noted:-

1. Being fully convinced

a) This phrase translates just one word in the Greek text (plerophoretheis).
b) The essential thrust is that of “fullness”.
c) Paul sought to convey that Abraham was a hundred percent convinced.
d) There was no room for any doubt whatsoever.

2. What He had promised

a) God had promised the land of Canaan.
b) He had promised to make his name great.
c) He had promised that great blessings would be poured out on him
d) He had promised that there would be many descendants.

At the point of the giving of these promises, Abraham did not have an heir! Nevertheless, Abraham believed God with all his heart and soul. That was no mean feat.

3. He was also able to perform

Abraham’s faith in God was profound, given the fact that he had relatively little knowledge of the Lord.

a) His faith enabled him to believe in the greatness of God’s power to perform all that He had promised.
b) His faith enabled him to believe that God was a Keeper of His promises- no matter how impossible those promises may seem to be.
c) His faith enabled him to cast aside every negative thought or doubt that threatened to diminish the Glorious Being of God! What a faith to have!