Daily Devotions


Day 86

"Not being weak in faith..."

Text: Romans 4:19


Paul was astute in featuring the faith of Abraham. What kind of faith did Abraham actually possess? We have a beautiful description in the following text.

“And not being weak in faith,
he did not consider his own body,
already dead (since he was about a hundred years old),
and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.”
Romans 4:18

1. Not being weak in faith

This is what we may call “litotes”. This is a literary device used to state the opposite of what is written. Thus the phrase, “not being weak in faith” literally means, “very strong in faith”.

2. Recall the previous phrase, “Contrary to hope, in hope believed”

This was the kind of faith Abraham had. His faith in God fought against contrary thoughts and feelings. He chose to believe God over and against all that he might have personally felt as a human being.

3. A faith that dares to believe in God overcoming physiological impossibilities

a) “Already dead”

Physiologically, a centenarian would not be able to become a father, given his age! Abraham did not have to be a medical doctor to understand this fact!

b) The deadness of Sarah’s womb

In the same vein, Abraham knew that it was physiologically impossible for Sarah to bear him a son!

c) A faith that refuses to be limited by physiological limitations

How did Abraham bring his faith to bear on his obvious physical limitations? Let us consider the following thoughts:-

i) He refused to be confined in his thoughts.
ii) He chose instead to exercise his considerable faith in God.
iii) He chose to believe that when God gave a promise, He will bring it to pass.
iv) He believed that God rejuvenate his body and that of Sarah so that they could become natural birth parents.

Abraham’s faith pleased God indeed! Hence, his blessings abounded!