Daily Devotions


Day 34

"For there is no partiality with God..."

Text: Romans 2:11


This concept needed to be emphasized! How easy it is to imagine that God is partial in His ways! To correct any possible misunderstanding, Paul had to make the following clear statement.

“But glory, honour, and peace to everyone who works
what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
For there is no partiality with God.”
Romans 2:10-11

1. Mistaken understanding of the Jews

The Jews always felt that they were “the children of God”. Their understanding of this concept meant precluding all who were non-Jews (Gentiles). They felt that God was partial to them!

2. Misgivings of the Gentiles

The Jews tended to look down upon other people. They kept to themselves. They kept their ways, and could not share with others their religious beliefs and practices! In turn, the Gentiles resented them. The God of the Jews seemed to be too partial for comfort!

3. Clearing up any misunderstanding

Paul insisted that “there is no partiality with God”. His judgment of mankind would not be based on truth and the deeds of man, Jew and Greek!

a) It is not just acclamation of possession of theological truth that matters

The Jews prided themselves in their Torah! The Greeks (representing the best of Gentiles) had nothing close to the Torah in comparison. But would God judge man only on the basis of the truth that He had given? Paul’s answer was clear and definite! The possession of great and eternal truths would be a great privilege, but God’s judgment is based on something else!

b) Everyone who works what is good

To possess truth and not to act on truth is a tragedy! To truly speak of possessing the truth, one must “work what is good”. This is the acid test of genuine faith in God!

i) To the Jew first

They were an ancient people. They were privileged indeed to be chosen by God to receive Divine laws. But how had the truth obtained affected them?

ii) To the Greek

The Greeks prided themselves as seekers of wisdom and truth! If they had found the truth, had they gone about doing good?

Glory, honour and peace would be God’s reward for true believers- to the Jews first and also to the Greek!