Daily Devotions


Day 33

"To those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth..."

Text: Romans 2:8


What lies beneath the judgment of God? The word “justice” must come to mind. Paul made a striking contrast to those who sought for “glory, honour and immortality”.

“But to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth,
but obey unrighteousness- indignation and wrath, tribulation
and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first
and also to the Greek.”
Romans 2:8-9

1. The opposite of those who have faith in God

Paul’s picture of the opposite of those who possessed faith in God was candid:-

a) Self-seeking

How do you describe those who do not seek God and the values He wishes for mankind to pursue? Paul rightly called them “self-seeking”.

b) Do not obey the truth

Paul insisted that the truth of God was clear to all:-

i) They are seen in nature or creation.
ii) They are also understood “instinctively” in the heart.

The fact is that man just refuses to obey that which he knows is the truth that comes from God!

c) Obey unrighteousness

What then does man obey? If man does not obey that which is righteous truth, then he must be obeying “unrighteousness”. Again, Paul does not believe in neutrality.

2. God’s Justice

How does God respond to those who persist in obeying unrighteousness?

a) Indignation and wrath

God expresses His indignation and wrath clearly. He does not approve of the sinful ways of man.

b) Tribulation and anguish

This is the natural consequence that man must learn to accept. We reap what we sow! Tribulation and anguish would be the reward of following the path of unrighteousness.

3. The Jew and the Greek

Whether Jew or Greek, if one pursues evil, dire consequences must be expected!