Daily Devotions


Day 342

"That I may come to you with joy by the will of God..."

Text: Romans 15:32


Paul went on to make a third request for prayer support.

“That I may come to you with joy by the will of God,
and may be refreshed together with you.”
Romans 15:32

1. That I may come to you

a) Traveling from one place to another was never taken for granted.
b) Traveling in the first century was fraught with very real danger.
c) It is right and wise to bring the matter of traveling to Jerusalem as a prayer request.

2. With joy

a) Paul was aware that there could be strong negative responses.
b) His personal wish was that he might be able to experience joy.
i) With joy he brought the gift from Macedonia and Achaia.
ii) With joy he sought to be in Jerusalem (typical Jewish desire).
iii) With joy he sought to be received by the brethren in Rome too.

3. By the will of God

a) Paul once again submitted everything to the will of God.
b) He was aware of the fact that the will of God may be different from his personal desires.
c) He was taking nothing for granted when he made this prayer request.
d) He was willing to accept the will of God… whatever that may be!

4. May be refreshed by you

a) Paul’s focus was still Rome; he looked forward to fellowship with the brethren in Rome.
b) Jerusalem was only a stopover but it must also be covered in prayer.