Daily Devotions


Day 327

"Therefore I have reason to glory in Christ Jesus..."

Text: Romans 15:17


Is it wrong to have personal thoughts about one’s life and ministry? Let us ponder the following text carefully.

“Therefore I have reason to glory in Christ Jesus
in the things which pertain to God.”
Romans 15:17

1. The word “glory”

a) This is a very strong word (kauchesin).
b) If literally translated it would mean “to boast”.
c) It is not wrong to have such a strong sense of one’s personal life and ministry!

2. In Christ Jesus

a) Paul did not boast about himself (in any way).
b) He gloried only “In Christ Jesus”.

3. In the things which pertain to God

a) Paul was most conscious of the many things he did for God.
b) The following things may be highlighted:-
i) His extensive preaching ministry.
ii) His work of founding churches.
iii) His work of deep teaching.
iv) His work of evangelism (many were won to Christ through him).
v) His ground-breaking work of ministering to the Gentiles.
vi) His epistles.

It is not wrong to look back at life and “glory in Christ Jesus” at the lifetime of work done for the Lord! Paul teaches us how we ought to take time to reflect on what we have done for the Lord in our life, and to rejoice (glory) in what we have accomplished.