Daily Devotions


Day 326

"Sanctified by the Holy Spirit..."

Text: Romans 15:16


Paul had a very distinct way of applying the doctrines he believed in. The following are classic features, distinctive to Paul.

1. Correctness and accuracy

a) There was nothing vague or hazy in the way he understood doctrine.
b) He would take the time and trouble to articulate his understanding to avoid possible misunderstanding or misapplication.

2. Consciousness

Paul applied his understanding of doctrine into his life and ministry. This sense of consciousness of applying doctrine into life and ministry is to be deeply appreciated.

3. Consistency

Consciousness and consistency went together where Paul was concerned. This resulted in remarkable success in both his life and ministry.

4. Consequences

Paul had his mind focused on the results (“consequences”) of his ministry. He was most conscious of not only the effort that he poured into his work. He was also conscious of the good results that must come from all the work put in.


Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles was peculiar to him! He was aware of the following things:-

1. He was someone specially set aside (sanctified) for this ministry.

It was a difficult ministry because many Jews were opposed to his ministry to the Gentiles. He had to endure much for the sake of this special ministry. But his consciousness that he had been set apart for this ministry never left him!

2. The offering of the Gentiles

Two things may be singled out and highlighted:-

a) Their salvation
b) Their service

The offering must be “sanctified” by none other than the Holy Spirit Himself. What a meaningful way of applying the concept of sanctification of the Spirit of God!