Daily Devotions


Day 285

"For none of us lives to himself..."

Text: Romans 14:7


What is life all about? What is the Christian life all about? Paul makes an introductory statement about how a believer should view his life.

“For none of us lives to himself,
and no one dies to himself.”
Romans 14:7

1. A secular concept challenge

Paul was well aware of the fact that there were other opinions and views concerning the subject of “life.”

a) There were those who lived for themselves.
b) These also died to themselves.
c) Ramifications of the application of this way of life:-
i) Self-interest is placed at the premium level.
ii) There is scant regard for others.

2. The believer must adopt a correct Biblical perspective

a) He does not live to himself.
i) He belongs to the Lord Jesus who gave His life for him.
ii) He owes his life to the Lord who has redeemed him.
iii) He belongs to the Body of Christ.
iv) He has definite obligations to God, the Church, and society.
b) He does not die to himself
i) He must seek to be conscious of his mortality.
ii) He must make sure that his death is gain (Cf. Philippians 1:21).
iii) He is inextricably woven into Christ and the Church.
iv) This is a truth that has become sadly neglected, and is little thought of, much less practised!