Daily Devotions


Day 248

"One body in Christ..."

Text: Romans 12:5


The apostle Paul did not only write powerfully on the subject of salvation! He also wrote distinctly about the doctrine of the church (Cf. Ephesians). One of the most striking imageries Paul used to describe the Church was to use the idea of a human body.

“For as we have many members in one body,
but all the members do not have the same function,
so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually
members of one another.”
Romans 12:4-5

1. Many members

a) The word “members” is a reference to body parts.
b) The human body is made up of many parts.
c) The Church is in mind here; the body is a reference to Christians who make up the church.

2. The members do not have the same function

a) This must be our basic understanding.
b) We are all different.
c) Yet, together we make up the Body of Christ.
d) It is good to be able to appreciate this truth- that we all have different functions.

3. Many…(but) one in Christ

a) A deeply profound concept.
b) Jew and Gentile are “one in Christ”.

4. Individually members of one another

a) Individual identity is not lost at any time.
b) But individuality must not be emphasized at the expense of oneness in Christ.
c) There must be a greater sense of appreciation of what it means to be “individuals” without losing the sense of being “members of one another”.