Daily Devotions


Day 230

"God has given them a spirit of stupor"

Text: Romans 11:8


The malady of spiritual blindness was not given a whole lot of attention by (physical) Israel! The nation believed that it was enlightened (Cf. Romans 2:1-4). Paul’s assessment was quite different. He went on to cite the Scriptures for proof of his teaching on Israel’s spiritual blindness.

“Just as it is written:
God has given them a spirit of stupor,
Eyes that they should not see
And ears that they should not hear,
To this very day.”
Romans 11:8

1. God possesses sovereign right

a) Paul traces the problem of spiritual stupor to God Himself.
b) Going to the Book of Isaiah for a deeper understanding of the text cited
i) Paul cited Isaiah 29.
ii) In Isaiah’s time the nation prided itself in their own wisdom (Cf. Isaiah 29:14).
iii) The wise men had taught their own commandments rather than the word of God (Cf. Isaiah 29:13)
iv) There was Biblical illiteracy (Cf. Isaiah 29:11-12).

2. Spiritual sight or spiritual blindness

a) Both come from God.
b) Spiritual sight.
i) This is God’s reward to those who love His word.
ii) His grace enabled the righteous to have spiritual sight.
c) Spiritual blindness.
i) When people reject God’s ways (e.g. His doctrine of grace) they can end up becoming spiritually blind.
ii) Physical Israel remained spiritually blind because they preferred their own ways!