Daily Devotions


Day 229

"But the elect have obtained it..."

Text: Romans 11:7


This doctrine is found in the Scriptures. The word “elect” often causes a negative reaction in some. Thus this word must be carefully understood.

“What then? Israel has not obtained what it seeks;
but the elect have obtained it; and the rest were blinded.”
Romans 11:7

1. Israel sees itself as “elect”

a) In a general sense this is true.
b) God elected Abraham and gave him an outstanding Covenant.
c) The descendants of Abraham are indeed blessed.

2. Distinguishing the physical and spiritual dimensions

a) This was not distinguished carefully enough by Israel’s rabbis.
b) Paul made a distinction between:-
i) Physical Israel
ii) Spiritual Israel

3. Physical Israel has not obtained what it seeks

a) It sought salvation by works.
b) It failed to find salvation through works.
4. Spiritual Israel has obtained it
a) Spiritual Israel is to be equated with “the elect”.
b) These believe in salvation by grace alone.
c) These prove themselves to have understood “election by grace”.

5. Spiritual blindness

Paul had to identify this as the root problem! It was because of spiritual blindness that physical Israel failed to understand and appreciate God’s plan of salvation by grace.