Daily Devotions


Day 221

"Have they not heard?"

Text: Romans 10:18


There would always be people who would come up with all kinds of excuses when it comes to having faith in God. Let us consider two common excuses.

“But I say, have they not heard? Yes indeed:
‘Their sound has gone out to all the earth,
and their words to the ends of the world.’
But I say, did Israel not know? ”
Romans 10:18-19a

1. They have not heard (First excuse)

a) This is a common excuse.
b) The blame is laid on the bearer of the gospel.
i) He did not go far enough
ii) The individual is not to be blamed if he has not heard the Gospel.
c) Refutation of this excuse.
i) Every effort has been made to proclaim the Gospel.
ii) All creation testifies of the existence of God.
iii) The refutation of the first excuse is made by David the psalmist (Cf. Psalm 19:1-3)

2. Did Israel not know?

a) This is another common excuse.
b) Whose responsibility is it to obtain knowledge of salvation?
i) The individual is responsible to seek salvation.
ii) Nothing is more important than this quest for salvation.
iii) Israel, of all people, cannot make this plea.
iv) God has given to Israel the Written Word, the priestly system, the prophets, and more! Israel cannot plead ignorance of the Gospel.