Daily Devotions


Day 22

Romans 1:24, 26 "Therefore God also gave them up..."


Those who deny God also tend to defy Him. They challenge God to do something to them. Like foolish children playing games, they “dare God” to punish them! One of the ways in which man has defied God is with preference to sexual orientation.


God has many options with reference to response. Could He send punitive measures against offensive people? He would be within His rights! However, it is God’s prerogative to choose His response.


Let us consider one of the ways in which God could respond.

“Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness,
in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonour their bodies
among themselves…
For this reason God gave them up to vile passions.
For even their women exchanged the natural use
for what is against nature.
Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman,
burned in their lust for one another, men with men
committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves
the penalty of their error which was due.”
Romans 1:24, 26-27

1. Natural use

When God created man and woman, He determined for them, what is termed “natural use”.

2. Against nature

The Scriptures are clear and straightforward on this subject! Homosexuality and Lesbianism are spoken of as things “against nature”.

3. Significant statements

The following words describe how God sees things- “uncleanness”, “lust”, “shameful”.

4. Penalty of their error

God giving up on man simply means that He will not step in and pronounce immediate judgment (as He once did- Sodom and Gomorrah; Genesis 18). He will allow man to do what he pleases. However, they must also be prepared for the penalty of their error. Ultimately, God’s judgment will fall upon the wicked who deny and defy Him!