Daily Devotions


Day 65

"You have blotted out their name forever..."

Day 65 – Psalm 9

“You have blotted out their name forever…” Psalm 9:5c


Why do people turn to great wickedness? What do they hope to gain? The answer may be gleaned from a careful reading of the following text!

“You have rebuked the nations,
You have destroyed the wicked;
You have blotted out their name forever and ever.

O enemy, destructions are finished forever!
And you have destroyed cities;
Even their memory has perished.”
Psalm 9:5-6

1. The activities of wicked nations

a) They have destroyed cities.
b) Their destructive ways will perish.
c) God will see to their utter destruction.

2. One sinister reason why the path of wickedness was pursued

a) The wicked seemed bent on creating a “name” for themselves.
b) They want an everlasting name.
i) They want to be remembered for their power.
ii) They want to be feared by the enemies for their might.
iii) They want to go down in history as mighty conquerors.
iv) They are willing to do anything and everything to achieve this end.

3. God is determined that this would not happen!

a) He will rebuke the nations.
b) He will destroy the wicked.
c) He will blot out their names forever and ever.
d) He will cause their memory to perish.

(The grammatical construction “You have” is to be understood as a certainty that God will indeed fulfill all of the above).