Daily Devotions


Day 63

"Superscription: "Death of the Son." A Psalm of David"

Day 63 – Psalm 9

“Superscription: “Death of the Son.” A Psalm of David” Psalm 9


Superscriptions had a number of functions. The following may be listed:-

1. They identify authorship.

2. They indicate musical direction for the chief musician to take note of.

3. The tunes of some psalms are given “special names”.

a) Psalm 9 is called “Death of the Son”.
b) However nobody is able to explain how this particular psalm is to be rendered in song!
c) It is possible to suggest that this psalm is to express lament!


David was one psalmist who determined that he would offer praise to God even if he found life’s circumstances very hard and difficult!

“I will praise You, O LORD, with my whole heart;
I will tell of all Your marvelous works.
I will be glad and rejoice in You,
I will sing praise to Your name.”
Psalm 9:1-2

1. Praise

a) An element of determination to offer praise to God is to be detected.
i) “I will praise You”
ii) “I will sing praise to Your name”
b) Reasons for praise may be found in the following:-
i) In the knowledge of God as “LORD”
ii) In His marvelous works
iii) In appreciation of God’s name (Psalm 8:1, 9 “excellent name”)

2. Gladness and rejoicing

a) This is done “with (the) whole heart”.
b) This is happy mixture of “spontaneity” and “determination”.