Daily Devotions


Day 30

"How long, O you sons of men..."

Day 30 – Psalm 4

“How long, O you sons of men…” Psalm 4:2


Life’s circumstances can be very hard and harsh at times. The following text illustrates the tough times David found himself encased in.

“How long, O you sons of men, will you turn my glory to shame?
How long will you love worthlessness and seek falsehood?”
Psalm 4:2

1. “How long”

a) This is cry of exasperation.
b) This phrase indicates the fact that these enemies have been trying to harm David time and again.

2. “O you sons of men”

a) David hints at the “mortality” of his enemies.
b) They seem to have forgotten that they are mere mortal… “sons of men”.

3. Wicked attempts of these enemies

a) Turning glory to shame.
i) There was “glory” in David being made king.
ii) But these enemies worked at bringing shame upon David
iii) They could attempt to do this by creating all kinds of problems for David in the hope that they would show how weak and inadequate he was as the ruler of Israel.
b) Love for worthlessness
i) The enemies might have liked the idea of being rulers instead of David.
ii) They might have liked the power, the wealth and other things associated with being king.
iii) But if these were the only thoughts that preoccupy the minds of the enemies, then these are indeed to be classified “worthlessness”.
c) “Seek falsehood”

The main method employed by the enemies seemed to be “falsehood”.