Daily Devotions


Day 28

"O God of my righteousness..."

Day 28 – Psalm 4

“O God of my righteousness…” Psalm 4:1a


One of the most interesting things to study in the Book of Psalms is the way in which the authors addressed God. The most common ones include the following:-

1. LORD Psalm 3:1

To signify appreciation of the Lord as “The Covenant God of Israel” (Exodus 6:2-8).

2. My God Psalm 3:7

To signify a personal relationship with this great God of the nation!

These names of God are always carefully chosen. They are utilized with deep meaning attached. It is always exciting to discover how the authors would come up with new titles for God.


We have a new name of God employed in the following text!

“Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness!”
Psalm 4:1a

1. “Hear me when I call”

a) This is an obvious reference to prayer.
b) In this instance this is a petition voiced out loud.

2. “O God”

a) This is a familiar enough term (Psalm 3:7).
b) David openly acknowledged that he was calling upon God in prayer.

3. “O God of my righteousness”

What did David mean when he employed this phrase to address God?

a) The standing that David had before God was one who had obtained “righteousness”.
b) However David was most conscious that this “righteousness” came from God Himself.
c) This is best understood as “imputed righteousness” (a God-given righteousness).
d) It is impossible to conceive David boasting of “his righteousness” before God.