Daily Devotions


Day 219

Psalm 30:1a "I will extol You, O LORD..."

Day 219 – Psalm 30

“I will extol You, O LORD…” Psalm 30:1a


“A Psalm. A Song at the dedication of the house of David.”

This superscription is unusual. There are a few things that may be observed as we look at this superscription.

1. Two words are used synonymously. The psalms were indeed “songs” (of praise to God essentially).

a) Psalm
b) Song

2. Dedication of the house of David

a) We have no further information in the Scriptures concerning the dedication of the house of David.
b) Most kings built magnificent palaces for themselves, but not David.

3. The phrase “House of David”

a) This has a rich symbolic meaning.
b) God promised to make or build a house for David (Cf. 2 Samuel 7:11).
c) It would not be incorrect to suggest that beyond the dedication of the physical house of David, he could have borne in mind his “symbolic house” (a reference to the dynasty of David- a prevalent concept in the early days).


There are many words used to offer praise to God. By far, the word that conveys the greatest significance may be this word “extol”.

“I will extol You, O LORD”
Psalm 30:1a

Two features are especially associated with the word “extol”.

1. There is a great sense of energy in the expression of praise.

2. There is an exuberance of spirit expressed in the offering of praise.