Daily Devotions


Day 26

"Salvation belongs to the LORD."

Day 26 – Psalm 3

“Salvation belongs to the LORD.” Psalm 3:8


David’s lament-psalm concluded on a strong and victorious note.

“Salvation belongs to the LORD.
Your blessing is upon Your people.”
Psalm 3:8

1. “Salvation belongs to the LORD”

a) The idea of salvation must include at least two elements:-
i) Deliverance from enemies
ii) Victory over enemies
b) “Belongs to the LORD”
i) Numbers alone will not ensure victory.
ii) Ultimately it is God who determines the final act.

2. “Your blessing is upon Your people”

a) Once again we have the word “blessing”.
i) This is something that we do well to seek in life.
ii) Blessings are to be traced to the Lord.
b) God’s promise of blessing
i) To His people
ii) To His people who reject the wrong and the wicked (Psalm 1:1)
iii) To His people who seek Him in faith.
iv) To His people who cry out to Him in humble prayer.
v) To His people who own Him as LORD.

Let us be deeply challenged to appreciate afresh what it means to be God’s people!