Daily Devotions


Day 19

"LORD, how they have increased who trouble me!" Psalm 3:1a

Text: Psalm 3


While it may seem wonderful to be a king, this position is not without its problems! King David had his share of problems as he ruled ancient Israel.

1. There were enemies from without

a) The Philistines
b) The Moabites
c) The Ammonites

2. There were enemies from within as well

a) There were those who were loyal to the house of Saul.
b) What he did not expect was that Absalom, his own son, could join his enemies!


The wisest thing was for David to bring all his problems to God in prayer!

“LORD, how they have increased who trouble me!
Many are they who rise up against me.”
Psalm 3:1

1. “LORD”

a) This was the Covenant Name that God especially gave to Israel.
b) This name was especially disclosed to Moses.

“I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob,
as God Almighty, but My Name LORD
I was not known to them.”

Exodus 6:3

c) It was to this great LORD that David offered up his lament-prayer.

2. “Many are they who rise up against me”

David knew that Absalom did not act alone when he sought to usurp the throne! He knew of the existence of enemies. He now knew that these enemies had increased in numbers and they had risen against him. David certainly did not pray naively.