Daily Devotions


Day 215

Psalm 28:9b "Bless Your inheritance..."

Day 215 – Psalm 28

“Bless Your inheritance…” Psalm 28:9b


David’s prayer was not just an outburst of joyous acclaim. His prayer reflected deep knowledge of the teachings of Moses.

“The LORD is their strength,
And He is the saving refuge of His anointed.

Save Your people, and bless Your inheritance;
Shepherd them also, and bear them up forever.”
Psalm 28:8-9


Let us take time to appreciate David’s knowledge of the teachings of Moses in the text above.

1. “The Lord is their strength”

This thought was well expressed in “The Song of Moses” when God led them through the Red Sea dry-shod (Exodus 15:2) [“The Lord is my strength and song.”]

2. “He is the saving refuge of His anointed”

a) The concept of God being a saving refuge is found in the idea of a sanctuary.
b) It was God who gave instructions to Moses to build “a sanctuary” (Exodus 25:8).

3. “His anointed”

a) A reference to His people (Exodus 15:16c).
b) They were His people whom H had purchased (redeemed) – Exodus 15:16d
c) They were called God’s inheritance (Exodus 15:17).
d) In humble prayer Moses asked the Lord to continue to see His people as His inheritance (Exodus 34:9).

4. Bless and shepherd them

a) God’s blessings were sought (Numbers 6:22-27 – Aaronic blessing).
b) His eternal Personal shepherding care was also sought (Exodus 33:15-16).