Daily Devotions


Day 193

Psalm 25:17a "The troubles of my heart have enlarged..."

Day 193 – Psalm 25

“The troubles of my heart have enlarged…” Psalm 25:17a


David had such a close relationship with the Lord that he would literally pour out all that was in his heart. This is well-evidenced in the following text.

“The troubles of my heart have enlarged;
Bring me out of my distresses!
Look on my affliction and my pain,
And forgive all my sins.”
Psalm 25:17-18

1. Note the emotive language employed!

a) Troubles that have become worse
b) Distresses
i) Emotional
ii) Mental
iii) Physical (highly probable)
c) Afflictions
d) Pain

2. Pleading with the Lord

a) To look upon the plight of David.
b) To bring about deliverance.
c) It would take nothing less than Divine intervention to bring about a solution to these distressing circumstances of life.

3. The problem of sin

a) Once again the problem of sin surfaces.
b) Till this problem is dealt with fully sin could prove to be a hindrance.
c) David knew from experience that the problems of life are often related to sins that are not dealt with!