Daily Devotions


Day 188

Psalm 25:4a "Show me Your ways, O LORD..."

Day 188 – Psalm 25

“Show me Your ways, O LORD…” Psalm 25:4a


The threat of being overwhelmed by enemies, where David was concerned was very real. This prayer to the Lord took on special significance when understood in this context.

“Show me Your ways, O LORD;
Teach me Your paths.
Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
On You I wait all the day.”
Psalm 25:4-5

1. An actual time in history (1 Samuel 23)

a) The Philistines were at war with Israel and often had the upper hand.
b) David sought wisdom from the Lord as to whether he should go to the rescue of the city of Keilah (1 Samuel 23:1-5).
c) King Saul was informed that David was in Keilah and he gathered his soldiers to attack him (1 Samuel 23:8-10).
d) David inquired of the Lord as to the loyalty of Keilah. Would they deliver him to king Saul? (1 Samuel 23:10-12)
e) God’s reply saved David from certain death. The city of Keilah would betray David even though they had been rescued by him (1 Samuel 23:12-13).

2. Praying to the Lord for His leading in life

a) David knew just how important it was to have the Lord lead him in the many difficult circumstances in his life. His part was to wait on the Lord for His leading.
b) Hence he pleaded with the Lord in no uncertain terms:-
i) That God would show him how to walk in His ways.
ii) That God would teach him to walk in His paths.
iii) That God would lead him in truth.
c) The basis of his plea was that God was truly his great and wonderful Saviour, whose leading he could not do without!