Daily Devotions


Day 138

"It is God who arms me with strength"

Day 138 – Psalm 18

“It is God who arms me with strength” Psalm 18:32


Adoration involves “an emotional burst of praise”. But it must also be said adoration is well backed up by personal experience of God. (Psalm18:32-36 details a good number of reasons why David exulted in God).

1. God gave strength (Psalm 18:32a).

2. God makes our ways “perfect” (Psalm 18:32b).

3. God enables us to walk with certainty (Psalm 18:33a).

4. God enables us to triumph [“sets me on high places”] (Psalm 18:33b).

5. God teaches us vital lessons on survival:-

a) “He teaches my hands to make war” (Psalm18:34a).
b) “My arms can bend a bow of bronze” (Psalm 18:34b).

6. God offers protection

a) Shield (Psalm 18:35a)
b) Salvation [deliverance)] (Psalm 18:35a)

7. God upholds (Psalm 18:35b)

8. God grants greatness (Psalm 18:35c)

9. God enlarges the path of our life so that we would not slip (Psalm 18:36)
(Contrast… of a very narrow and difficult path where we may fall easily)


When was the last time we had a burst of adoring feelings towards God? It would be wonderful if we were to have more such experiences of loving feelings toward the Lord! But how may this come about?

1. Take time to catch the movements of God in our life.

2. Take time to reflect on how God has so graciously blessed us.

3. Given the right heart and mind, we too can exult in God as David did.