Daily Devotions


Day 119

"Uphold my steps in Your paths"

Day 119 – Psalm 17

“Uphold my steps in Your paths” Psalm 17:5a


Vindication was certainly what David desired from God! It would mean a lot to him to receive vindication from God for the following reasons:-

1. Exoneration of his name

a) David’s name was at stake.
b) If God did not vindicate him, his name as a good king could well become besmirched.

2. Exalting of the throne of David

a) If he were to be vindicated by God the throne of David would be exalted.
b) There would be even greater confidence in his rule as king over the nation.

3. Protection of David

a) His life would be preserved from the wicked destroyers.
b) Would-be enemies would think twice about attacking him because they would have to factor in God’s protection of the king.


David sought more than vindication from God. With all his heart he desired to keep the Word of God (Psalm 17:4). Thus he breathed a humble plea.

“Uphold my steps in Your paths,
That my footsteps may not slip”
Psalm 17:5

1. “Uphold my steps in Your paths”

a) David determined that he would walk in the paths of God.
b) He desired God’s grace and strength to enable him to walk faithfully.

2. “That my footsteps may not slip”

a) How easy it was to slip and fall.
b) How very important it was to plead that God would uphold so that our footsteps may not slip!