Daily Devotions


Day 110

"O LORD, You are the portion of my inheritance..."

Day 110 – Psalm 16

“O LORD, You are the portion of my inheritance…” Psalm 16:5


Moses taught Israel the precious law of inheritance. This law may be summarised as follows:-

1. God in the teaching of inheritance

a) It points to God as a Father.
b) It highlights the graciousness of God in providing as He did for His children.

2. Protection of each individual tribe

a) Some tribes were larger than others.
b) Each tribe was given a portion of the land of Canaan.
c) No tribe was allowed to encroach on the inherited property of another tribe.

3. Individual lessons

a) Each family must ensure that all the children are provided for… via the inheritance law.
b) Each generation would then begin on a strong footing, having received an inheritance.


David received a rare commendation from God when he was called “a man after (God’s) own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). The following text reveals why he was so loved by the Lord.

“O LORD, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You maintain my lot.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Yes, I have a good inheritance.”
Psalm 16:5-6

1. Physical inheritance

a) David acknowledges that he does have “a good inheritance”.
b) The phrase “the lines” describes land that has been surveyed and then apportioned.

2. Spiritual inheritance

Far more important than physical inheritance was the Lord as “the portion of (David’s) inheritance”. The Lord had graciously and faithfully maintained David!