Daily Devotions


Day 105

"A Michtam of David"

Day 105 – Psalm 16

“A Michtam of David” Psalm 16


We have a new superscription attached to Psalm 16. This reads “A Michtam of David”.

1. What does the word “michtam” mean?

a) This is a Hebrew word.
b) Its origin is not totally clear.
c) The following suggestions have been made:-
i) Some think of it simply as a kind of a poem.
ii) Others try and trace the root of the word “michtam”.

2. Different suggestions offered by scholars

a) Checking with the Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)
i) The word used is a “stelograph” meaning “a tablet inscription”.
ii) The significance: The thoughts of Psalm 16 are precious enough to be carefully inscribed
b) Offering a link between the words “michtam” and “kethem”
i) The suggestion is that the word “michtam” may be rendered golden.
ii) The thoughts of Psalm 16 are as precious as gold.
iii) The idea behind the word “kethem” is “fine gold” or “stamped gold”.
iv) This golden psalm full of wise proverbial sayings are “inscriptions made on fine gold”.
c) Implications
i) This does not mean that the thoughts of other psalms are of lesser significance.
ii) This “michtam of David” implies that serious thought is warranted.