Daily Devotions


Day 103

"He who walks uprightly..."

Day 103 – Psalm 15

“He who walks uprightly…” Psalm 15:2a


David had the highest regard for the Lord! His knowledge of God and his own personal experience led him to attempt putting together a concept about living in His Presence!


Psalm 15 is not a full or detailed discussion about the people who may abide in God’s Tabernacle (or “holy hill”). It may be described as a “broad brush painting”.

Nevertheless the paint strokes are so well executed that the picture portrayed is very clear. In brief, the picture highlights the following features:-

1. The walk of the believer must be characterized by uprightness (Psalm 15:2a).

2. His works must be righteous (Psalm 15:2b).

3. His speech must be filled with truth (Psalm 15:2c):-

a) His tongue will not backbite (Psalm 15:3a).
b) He will not do evil to his neighbor (Psalm 15:3b).
c) He will not reproach his friend ill-advisedly (Psalm 15:3c).

4. His character is well defined:-

a) He despises those who are vile (Psalm 15:4a).
b) But he honours those who fear the Lord (Psalm 15:4b).

5. With reference to oath-taking:-

a) He takes his oaths seriously (Psalm 15:4c).
b) He does not fudge when it comes to keeping his oath.
c) He remains true to his word even if it is to his own personal hurt.

6. With reference to money matters-

a) He does not believe in profiteering (Psalm 15:5a).
b) He will never take a bribe against the innocent (Psalm 15:5b).