Daily Devotions


Day 99

"They have all turned aside..."

Day 99 – Psalm 14

“They have all turned aside…” Psalm 14:3


The battle between atheism and theism has existed for millennia. Neither side is expected to yield the fight. The faithful and true theist that David was saw him making further observations about “atheists”.

“They have all turned aside,
They have together become corrupt;
There is none who does good, no, not one.”
Psalm 14:3

1. How do people become “atheists”?

a) Were they born that way?
b) David did not believe so!

2. Personal knowledge

David’s understanding led him to make the following sad observations about these self-confessed atheists.

a) “They have all turned aside”
i) There was a time when they entertained the knowledge of God.
ii) In the process of time, they had turned aside.
iii) They had rejected their earlier position of theism.
b) “They have together become corrupt”
i) Atheism breeds its own children.
ii) This brood of atheists stood together.
iii) Sadly when they turned away from God (the implication of “turning aside”) they also became corrupt.
c) “There is none who does good”
i) Corruption has devastating consequences.
ii) It can cause a person to reject any inclination to do good. These atheists in David’s time were people who did not believe in doing good at all.