Daily Devotions


Day 8

"Your fellowship in the gospel..."

Text: Philippians 1:5


There is no mistaking the fact that Paul sustained a very strong sense of friendship with the Philippian church. This is expressed in the word “fellowship” in the following text.

“For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day
until now.”
Philippians 1:5

1. What is “fellowship?”

a) This word describes more than just good conversation.
b) It describes a special sense of bonding that is shared by a group of friends with common interests.

2. “Fellowship in the gospel”

a) This was a new feature introduced to the idea of fellowship.
b) What bonded Paul and the Philippians was “the gospel”.
i) Paul shared a common love for the gospel.
ii) He was deeply committed to the preaching and furtherance of the gospel.
iii) It was through the gospel that the church was founded.
iv) All who formed the church at Philippi learned deep lessons through Paul’s preaching of the gospel.
v) The Philippians were as committed to the propagation of the gospel as Paul was and thus they had wonderful fellowship in the gospel.

3. “From the first day until now”

a) Historic moments when Paul began his ministry in Philippi.
i) Lydia, a seller of purple came to faith through the gospel preached.
ii) She opened up her home for Paul and his friends to stay and thus they had good fellowship in the gospel.
iii) Paul suffered a set-back when he was thrown into jail for the sake of the gospel.
iv) However through the preaching of the gospel the Philippian jailer came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
b) The growth of the Church at Philippi.
i) It centred in the preaching of the gospel.
ii) There was great fellowship in the gospel.
iii) This was cause for great thanksgiving in prayer.
iv) Let us be challenged deeply to cultivate our fellowship in the gospel too.