Daily Devotions


Day 7

"Making request for you all with joy."

Text: Philippians 1:4


Intercession is an important aspect of prayer that must be carefully cultivated. We have many examples of people who were great intercessors mentioned in the Scriptures. The following may be highlighted:-

1. Old Testament intercessors

a) Moses
b) Samuel
c) Jeremiah
d) Daniel

2. New Testament intercessors

a) The Lord Jesus Christ
b) The apostle Paul


Most times, intercession is associated with grimness. The contexts of prayer are often characterised by the following:-

1. Dire straits

2. Grave danger

3. Impending disaster

Thus intercession was often associated with sorrow, anxiety and even tears.


The apostle Paul offers a special insight in the way he interceded.

“Always in every prayer of mine making request for
you all with joy.”
Philippians 1:4

1. “Always in every prayer of mine”

a) The giving of thanks was a permanent feature in Paul’s prayer-life.
b) He made sure that every single prayer of his was filled with thanksgiving.
c) Let us be challenged to cultivate a spirit of thanksgiving and joy in our prayer-life.

2. “Making request for you all with joy”

a) Intercession need not always be done with grimness.
b) It is possible to include the element of joy when we pray for others.
c) Let us cultivate this powerful spirit of joy till it enables us to pray with such exuberance.