Daily Devotions


Day 110

1 Peter 4:6 "For this reason the gospel was preached also to those who are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit."

Day 110 – Mark 5


The citizens of Gadara had no answer to the problem that confronted them. They had no solution to the problem of demon-possession. And we can well understand why this was the case.

Jesus quizzed the man who was possessed directly and without any trace of fear. He addressed the man with these words,

“What is your name?”
MARK 5:9a

In reply, the man revealed the depth of his plight. He was possessed most severely.

“And he answered, saying,
‘My name is Legion; for we are many.'”
MARK 5:9

1. How many demons inhabited the poor victim?

The reply, “My name is Legion” is staggering. The size of a Roman Legion numbers into the thousands! Were that many demons involved? If so, then the victim must have suffered terribly.

2. Can so many demons possess one individual?

Demons are spirit beings. They do not have corporeal bodies. Thus to have so many demons inhabit one person would present no difficulties at all- only to the victim.

3. Why would so many demons choose to possess just one individual?

a) This serves to illustrate the depth of evilness and wickedness in demons.
b) If it were possible, they would love to possess other human beings.
c) The fact is that demons cannot possess people at will.
d) The individual can resist attempts at possession.


The command was given. Even if thousands of wicked demons were ranged against Jesus, their combined power would avail them nothing. There was no mistaking the authority behind the words that came from the mouth of Jesus.

“Come out of the man, unclean spirit!”
MARK 5:8

There was nothing the demons could do against this word from Jesus. They had to obey His command. They were in the Presence of the Son of the Most High! And all must bow the knee to Him, when He speaks!