Daily Devotions


Day 18

"Their land is also full of silver and gold"

Text: Isaiah 2:7


The reigns of the four kings in the ministry of Isaiah saw Judah prosper. But the wealth of the nation saw the people turn their back against the LORD who had prospered them.

“Their land is also full of silver and gold,
And there is no end to their treasures;
Their land is also full of horses,
And there is no end to their chariots.
Their land is also full of idols;
They worship the work of their own hands,
That which their own fingers have made.
People bow down,
And each man humbles himself;
Therefore do not forgive them.”
Isaiah 2:7-9

1. The wealth of Judah described.

a) There was an abundance of silver and gold.

b) There were great caches of treasures too.

c) With this wealth many owned:

i) Horses

ii) Chariots

2. On the spiritual-religious side.

a) The land was full of shrines where idols were worshipped.

b) The people made their own idols and worshipped the work of their hands.

3. Worship given to the idols they made:

a) People bowed down to the very idols they made.

b) The devotees humbled themselves before their deities.

4. Isaiah’s reaction to these foolish activities of the people.

a) He prayed, “Therefore do not forgive them”.

b) What did Isaiah mean when he made this prayer to the LORD?

i) Forgiveness was not what the people needed there and then.

ii) They needed to know their folly and their sinfulness.

iii) They needed to be chastised so that they may learn from their errors.

iv) Isaiah was not speaking of eternal condemnation here!