Daily Devotions


Day 68

"When the fullness of the time had come..."

Text: Galatians 4:4a


God had a time plan that few understood and appreciated. The children of Israel were subjected to the laws of Moses. The people who taught the laws of God were the “stewards and guardians”. But there came a time when God sent the Messiah, His Son to redeem His people and to establish a new covenant.

But when the fullness of the time had come,
God sent forth His Son, born of a woman,
born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law,
that we might receive the adoption as sons.

Galatians 4:4-5

1. “When the fullness of the time had come”

a) It is impossible to tell when “the fullness of the time had come”.
b) Our human understanding is completely flawed and terribly limited.
c) However we can appreciate God sending His Son to redeem us from our sins.

2. “God sent forth His Son”

a) The task for Jesus was formidably difficult.
b) He would be born of a woman. (Veiled reference His being born of a virgin).
c) He would be subject to the law. (The law of Moses was in mind here).
d) He would bring about redemption for all mankind.

3. “Under the law”

a) This is a reference to the punitive aspect of the law.
b) Those who failed to keep the law would be punished accordingly.
c) Curses and blessings were formally introduced (Deuteronomy 28).

4. Ramifications of the Redemptive work of Christ

a) We are no longer under the curse of the law.
b) We are no longer under the jurisdiction of the law.
c) God offers sonship to all who would trust Jesus for their justification.
d) All who believe in Christ are given “the adoption as sons”.
i) The Gentiles would be given this “adoption”.
ii) The Jews would also have to believe in Christ for their justification if they wish to be called “sons of God”.