Daily Devotions


Day 58

"...but God is one."

Text: Galatians 3:20


We have a puzzling statement in the following text. How should we understand the following text?

Now a mediator does not mediate for one only,
but God is one.

Galatians 3:20

1. A change of subject

a) Paul had actually changed the subject.
b) In the previous verse he was speaking about the law.
c) In this verse he was not talking about the law but about the covenant God gave to Abraham.

2. A comparison was made

a) Paul continued to be consistent in his line of thought.
b) He made a distinction between the law and the covenant of Abraham.

3. “A mediator”

a) There was no mediator involved when God gave the covenant to Abraham.
b) No angels were involved.
c) No human mediator was involved either.
d) The covenant stands out even more definitely in this light.

4. “But God is one”

a) God communicated with Abraham directly.
b) He did not use any mediator or any angels when he gave the covenant to Abraham.


What was Paul trying to communicate in this statement? What was the significance of this text?

1. The role of the law established

a) It was not superior to the Covenant of Abraham.
b) It did not control the Covenant in any way.
c) It cannot be placed above the Covenant God gave to Abraham.

2. The place of the Covenant of Promise given to Abraham

a) It must be understood in its own context.
b) It stands above the law.