Daily Devotions


Day 57

"It was appointed through angels..."

Text: Galatians 3:19b


Paul studied under the famous Rabbi Gamaliel and was brought up in the strict traditions of the Pharisees (Acts 22:3). The traditional understanding of how the law was given may be found in this text.

And it was appointed through angels by the hand of
a mediator.

Galatians 3:19b

1. “It was appointed”

a) The Giver of the law would be God Himself.
b) Thus His law was authoritative.
c) It would also reflect the Lord in many ways.
i) It would reflect His glory.
ii) It would reflect His majesty.
iii) It would reflect His wisdom.

2. Angelic involvement

a) Angels are mighty spirit beings.
b) They attend to God.
c) They do His bidding.
d) The traditional understanding:-
i) Angels were involved in the giving of the law.
ii) The angels gave the law to Moses.
iii) They acted on God’s behalf.
e) This was the traditional view that Paul presented.
f) This may be so, but it is not actually recorded in the Scriptures as such.
g) Angels were certainly involved in communicating God’s word to some of the prophets.

3. “By the hand of a mediator”

a) The law of God was then given to Moses.
b) He would become the mediator between God and the children of Israel.
c) This was certainly correct.
d) Moses was that special spokesman for God.
e) He was a special mediator to the children of Israel, communicating God’s law.