Daily Devotions


Day 5

"That He might deliver us from this present evil age..."

Text: Galatians 1:4b


Paul always presented the Lord Jesus Christ most carefully. He was most aware of the fact that there were many detractors. These opponents became deadly enemies to Paul and to the doctrine of Jesus that the apostle espoused.

Who gave Himself for our sins,
that He might deliver us from this present evil age,
according to the will of our God and Father.

Galatians 1:4

1. The Mission of Jesus

Paul highlighted two aspects of the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

a) “Who gave Himself for our sins”
i) This was well prophesied by the Prophets (Isaiah 53).
ii) This was well understood and shared by Jesus (Luke 19:10).
iii) Jesus came as the Lamb of God to take away our sins (John 1:29).
b) “That He might deliver us from this present evil age”
i) Paul described the age he was living in as an “evil age”.
ii) This truth prevails to this present time.
c) How is this age evil?
i) Because of the presence of sin.
ii) Because of the god of this world who has made this age evil (Ephesians 2:1-3).
iii) Because of the abundance of sinful deeds in the world.
d) How did Jesus deliver us from this present evil age?
i) By defeating the Devil (Hebrews 2:14-15).
ii) His sacrifice for us delivers us from the law of sin.

2. In full accord with the will of God the Father

a) All Jesus did was in full accord with God the Father.
b) God designed the plan of salvation for mankind.
c) The Lord Jesus Christ, in fulfilling His Father’s plan of salvation has made deliverance possible.


The apostle Paul reminds his readers of the wondrous plan of salvation wrought for us by the Lord Jesus Christ. His role was huge and this must never be taken for granted. It must not also be minimalized in any way. The heart must ever be full of gratitude and love for a wonderful Saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul exemplified this wonderful sense of understanding and application of this knowledge in life and ministry.