Daily Devotions


Day 7

Acknowledging The Ministry Of Epaphras

Text: Colossians 1:7

The Colossian Church was not planted by the apostle Paul. The church grew well through the ministry of Epaphras.

“As you also learned from Epaphras, our dear fellow servant,
who is a faithful minister of Christ on your behalf.”

Colossians 1:7

1. The part of the Colossians

a) They learned.
b) The word “learn’ is closely associated with the word “disciple”.
i) It is entirely likely that Epaphras did more than just general teaching.
ii) He must have devoted time to disciple those who came to faith in the Lord.
iii) Discipleship was the way of the Lord Jesus.
iv) It was the way of the apostles as well.
v) It should not surprise us that Epaphras was a disciple of the apostle Paul.
vi) He benefited much from being discipled and now he was discipling others.

2. The part of Epaphras honoured

a) He was named.
b) He was called “dear”. Literally, the word is “beloved” (agapetos).
c) He was also called “fellow-servant”.
i) His name was linked with that of the illustrious apostle Paul.
ii) He was accorded due honour for the way he served as a “bond-servant” (Greek “doulos”).
d) He was further honoured.
i) He was called “a servant of Christ” (Greek “diakonos”).
ii) Epaphras was prepared to serve in the humblest capacity.
e) He was well praised when he was described as “faithful”.
i) He was diligent.
ii) He fulfilled all his duties well.

3. A challenging thought

It is little wonder that the Colossian Church bore much fruit for the Lord. Let us be challenged to bear much fruit for the Lord. Let us seek to learn deep lessons of faith that will stand us in good stead!