YAG 11th Retreat Session 5

Text: Jeremiah 32-33
28 May 2010

Session #5
Friday, 28 May 2010
Theme: “CALL TO ME”


1. Context

Jeremiah was put in prison a second time

Jeremiah 33:1

2. Content of Word

Thus says the LORD who made it, the LORD who formed it to establish it (the LORD is
His name)

Jeremiah 33:2

a) Formal declaration of God’s Name “LORD”
b) Firmness of the declaration

i) The LORD Himself made this statement
ii) He formed this Covenant promise
iii) He will establish this word

3. Complex Will of God explained

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:26

a) Destruction of Jerusalem forewarned            Jeremiah 32:28

i) Siege will be mounted            Jeremiah 32:24a
ii) The city had been delivered to the Chaldeans            Jeremiah 32:24-25
iii) Jerusalem would be razed to the ground            Jeremiah 32:29

b) Diaspora of Israel

i) Babylon            Jeremiah 32:36
ii) Other countries            Jeremiah 32:37

c) Destiny of the Future: Return of Israel

i) God will bring them back to Jerusalem            Jeremiah 32:37
ii) They will become God’s people again            Jeremiah 32:38a
iii) He will be their God            Jeremiah 32:38b
iv) There will be one heart/one way            Jeremiah 32:39
v) There will be a new sense of fear of God            Jeremiah 32:39
vi) Everlasting Covenant promised            Jeremiah 32:40; 33:19-26
vii) For their good            Jeremiah 32:39-44; 33:9 (6 x)
viii) They will be re-planted in the land            Jeremiah 32:41; 33:7
ix) Healing and Rebuilding of Jerusalem            Jeremiah 33:7
x) Pardon of all transgressions            Jeremiah 33:8
xi) Jerusalem will be a name of joy, praise and honour            Jeremiah 33:9
xii) Great goodness promised            Jeremiah 33:9, 14

4. Challenge to Jeremiah

Call to Me

Jeremiah 33:3

a) To understand the complex will of God
b) To believe what God has promised
c) To see beyond the present to the future “Everlasting Covenant”


1. To understand and trust God’s word

He was instructed to buy land in Anathoth when Judah was going to be overrun by the Chaldeans (Babylonians)            Jeremiah 32:6-15, 25

a) It seemed to be such an unwise financial decision
b) Yet there was no mistaking God’s command to him
c) Jeremiah bought land in Anathoth in obedience to God’s command

2. Jeremiah’s Prayer            Jeremiah 32:16-25

a) Acknowledgment of the greatness of God            Jeremiah 32:17-23

i) Historical review
ii) From Moses to the present day

b) Siege of Jerusalem noted            Jeremiah 32:24
c) Seeking understanding as to why he was instructed to purchase land at Anathoth            Jeremiah 32:25
d) He could not make sense out of God’s complex will (present and future)


1. In the light of the New Covenant

a) The establishing of the New Covenant            Luke 22:20
b) Content of the New Covenant            Hebrews 2-11
c) Significance of the New Covenant
d) Praying in the context of the New Covenant

2. Needed Prayer

a) Praying for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation            Ephesians 1:17
b) Growth in knowledge            Ephesians 1:17
c) Enlightenment            Ephesians 1:18
d) Knowledge of the hope of our calling            Ephesians 1:18
e) The riches of our inheritance            Ephesians 1:18
f) The greatness of His power            Ephesians 1:19