Daily Devotions


Day 45

"Now why do you cry aloud"

Text: Micah 4:9


While the message of the false prophets was “Peace”, there were some in the land who began to be more aware of the reality of the threat of war. It was likely that they sought Micah for counsel.

“Now why do you cry aloud?
Is there no king in your midst?
Has your counselor perished?
For pangs have seized you like a woman in labour.”
Micah 4:9

1. “Now why do you cry aloud”

a) There were some who were in fear and panic.
b) The signs of war were all there:
i) The presence of enemies
ii) The building of siege mounds
iii) The tight economy

2. “Is there no king in your midst”

a) The nation had relied heavily on their king rather than the Lord.
b) The king himself realizes his severe limitations.
i) Against powerful enemies like the Babylonians.
ii) The reliance on allies was proving futile.
iii) The king knew that he had no answers to the threat of the Babylonians.

3. “Has your counselor perished”

a) The so-called sages and wise men were highly respected.
b) People sought their wisdom.
c) They had been able to offer advice on many matters.
d) But they were unable to come up with good advice concerning the Babylonian threat.

4. “For pangs have seized you like a woman in labour”

a) The imagery of a woman in labour was deliberately chosen.
b) The following features were common observations:
i) Fear
ii) Pain
iii) Weak

This was how the nation felt as a whole! The nation was in virtual panic as war loomed!