The Mindset of a Hardworking Farmer

By Pastor Mitch
January 11, 2018

As we continue in our second week of 2018, school work must be piling up. And there is much to be done in the weeks ahead.   Our challenge is not to be afraid of hard work and to find the strength to do what we need to get done. This was something that the apostle Paul told young Timothy to do.   He was to learn to have the mindset of a hardworking farmer.

The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops.” 2 Tim. 2:6

  1. It takes diligence

The word “hardworking” comes from the Greek word “kopiaó”.   It means to toil and to labour hard. This farmer has learned to make hard work a part of his lifestyle.   He has learnt to get up early in the morning and to work and toil till it is evening. He will diligently work till he is exhausted.   He has a mind to work hard.   Young people, let’s learn to cultivate the mindset of a hardworking farmer. Let’s not be afraid of working really hard diligently.

  1. It takes hope

Not only is a farmer hardworking, he also has to have the hope to wait for the fruits to come. The result of his hard work will not come immediately.   It will take time for his efforts to bring about definite success. He must find the strength to continue to be diligent and patient.   The challenge is to be the first to enjoy the fruit of his labour and to be thankful for the Lord’s blessings. Let’s also learn to work hard with the hope that “fruit” would come one day.


How can we find the strength to be diligent and to hope with patience? It is going to take nothing less than the grace of God. We need to learn to be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 2:1).   The Lord grants us His grace when we humbly rely on it. Our challenge is to exercise faith by consistently seeking it and to apply it to our life and ministry.