I Set My Rainbow In The Cloud

By Pastor Mitch
December 26, 2016

It is indeed a rare occasion to behold two full rainbows in the evening sky.   I was looking out of my office window when I saw them parallel to each other. Grabbing my camera bag, I rushed up to the church roof and was greeted by this magnificent sight.   The colourful rainbows were situated against a greying sky.   The rainbow as we all know is a sign of the covenant that God had made between Him and all living creatures on the earth.

“And God said: “I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13

The Lord God would never again destroy the world through flooding the earth.   What is the significance of this Noahic covenant?

  1. It represents the mercies of God

God’s great mercies are demonstrated by the setting up a sign that He would not destroy all living creatures on earth again through flooding it. God’s mercies extend even to the birds and the beasts. His work shows forth how merciful God is.

  1. It represents reliability of God’s promises

“And as for Me, behold I establish My covenant with you, and your descendants after you.” Genesis 9:9

The word “established” is mentioned three times in this passage. The Lord Himself would establish this covenant with all of mankind.

  1. It represents the faithfulness of God

God will look at the rainbow and He would remember His everlasting covenant.   There will no end to the generations that would come after Noah who will see this rainbow (Genesis 9:12) .   This covenant will carry on for indefinite generations to come.   This represents the faithfulness of God.

Let’s seek to exercise full trust in the Lord’s faithfulness in keeping His covenant and promises.